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Full State Socialism—American Style

The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ASPA as an organization.

By Charles Mason
May 13, 2021

As public administrators, we must ask ourselves, is a bigger government better? For many public administrators, the answer is yes! The government does have a vital role to play in a free society. It is intended to safeguard the rights of the people by establishing a community in which people can live their lives and embark on plans relatively protected from the risk of high crimes, misdemeanors and foreign invasions. However, the government will never make a person live a moral life. Should governments be the sole guarantor of citizens’ economic livelihood? Should governments guarantee every citizen a good standard of living?

Even as most Americans agree, the ineptitude of the United States government seems beyond belief. Should the answer be to make it more extensive and all-encompassing? Under the provisions of socialism, the state would control the economy and socio-cultural development. The public administrators would head the directory of all methods of state interest. They would oversee the collective ownership of resources and central planning. Could they provide a more equal distribution of goods and services and a more equitable society? Those powers would include the allocation of technologies, tools and plants used to manufacture commodities that promptly meet the needs of every citizen. However, history has not shown that bureaucrats make better managers of the nation’s wealth than farmers, steelworkers and common folk.

Human Rights—By Any Means Necessary 

Increasing what we call human rights does not increase the freedom of the people. The mistaken idea that the western concept of human rights and democracy is the shared aim of people worldwide is collective hubris. The conviction that they could peacefully be compelled upon nations as a matter of international law was erroneous suppositions from the start. However, envision a world where our government did a satisfactory job at home with an uncomplicated but narrow mission. Where its role is limited to securing our fundamental rights, not expanding a false tree of liberty.

The All-Mighty State 

Not so with the coming rise of socialism in America and its anti-elitist economic and political system that can be depicted as focused on public ownership, collectivism and shared ownership for production. In an American socialist system, all lawful manufacturing and dissemination determinations would be made in Washington; individual Americans would rely on Washington for everything from foodstuffs to managing their healthcare. Rural areas would be abandoned, and their populations reassigned living areas within the tremendously liberating megacities.

Once we repeal the flawed Electoral College, federalized elections and bring about direct democracy to the people, a new day will dawn. Gone will be the days when the 50 states stood equal under the law. Now would be the time of super-states such as New York and California; rural America would be plowed under. Moreover, Washington’s authority would regulate productivity and set prices for these commodities and essential services. 

Since federalism has failed in the eyes of some public administrators, we need to try a new and more encompassing approach. So let us leap forward and embrace socialism. But which form of socialism shall we consider? First, we could try a more watered-down form of socialism. Social democracy, as it is presented, promotes economic and social involvements to encourage social justice within the context of a liberal-democratic society and has a capitalist-oriented economy.

Beauty of Socialism

The beauty of socialism is that it brings about a more mechanically competent form of government, seizing specific capabilities from its operatives; it brings assurance, permanency and enforced unity. But, on the other hand, administrators can bring about a needed impersonal, rational, unresponsive, lethargic, undemocratic and incompetent form of government unlike we’ve ever seen before in America. The free market is a libertarian solution to needs. But, unfortunately, with this new form of government, a libertarian answer to shortages will be in short supply.  

Our new government will not allow such an unequal and unfair market to operate. Needed regulations coupled with the proper amount of intimidation against companies engaged in this unfair trade will be abundant. Only the government will have the knowledge for setting prices to bring about stability to promote production and expertise to distribute resources to where they are most helpful. 

Power of the Administrator

No longer will the government in the United States be citizen-centered, answering to the populace. No longer will administrators be required to pay attention to the ethics and culture of our society. Instead, the citizens will change as the government policies vary as Washington dictates. From Mount Olympus, the primary directives will flow forth. From there, the most critical aspects of the content of the activities of our beloved nation will be dispensed.

The administrator’s power will determine the character of our society’s political organizations, the essential goals of our government and its democracy. On their shoulders will lie the future of this nation. Through their creative role, our country will finally find happiness as public administrators guarantee this nation’s economic and social progress and build the foundation for American socialism. 

Author: Charles Mason MPA is a Doctoral Candidate at Walden University in Public Policy and Administration with a Specialization in Criminal Justice. He has over 30 plus years in local law enforcement, state corrections and military service. He is currently a leadership and development coach at Mason Academy. He can be reached at [email protected]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DRCharlesMason 

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